Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just got back from my first day (of the 14 days free trial) at 24 hour fitness in Millbrae. Yes, the one which is Super Sport.

Likely, I wasn't given a hard time by the sales guy (actually, sales gal), but it doesn't change much. Whatever happens, I'm not going to waste fifty something a month for the gym which is one third of LA Fitness in Pasadena.

I can get the same shit at any regular 24 hour fitness gym (Daly City, San Mateo or Pacifica's one), paying as little as $10-20/month. Yes, the regular gyms are about 5 miles away from my place, while this one is just a mile or even less. This doesn't change anything.

The gym is fine, but crowded. About 80-90% of it was taken. Well, yeah, I know the timing wasn't good -- I've got there around 6pm and stayed for an hour - an hour and a half. However, still not nice to see in the gym you're paying high fifty for.

The equipment is good enough, pretty new (I believe two to three years old), about one fifth of cardio machines have got private small LCD TVs with just 5 or 6 channels on: news, sports, new, sport and I guess some entertainment channel, which had some prank show on it. Good enough, but that's it.

I did only cardio today -- haven't been in gym for a while so don't want to wake up tomorrow totally broken. Usually I have about 30 minutes on cardio, and about 30 minutes with 4-5 machines and free weights, closing with 15 minutes on light cardio. (Yes, I'm loosing weight.)

Normally, if I will keep and intensive schedule, I can get 20 pounds less in about 2-3 months. That's my plan for today.