Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MySpace & iLike

I am always was interested where iLike is heading to actually.

Now I now. To MySpace.

First I met founders of iLike at the Startup School in 2007 at Stanford. That was my first time I was attending this very interesting YC event, driving there for a night from Southern California.

One of the best speeches there was given by Max Levchin. Frankly speaking, thanks to that event in Stanford, I was able to get in touch with Max later on and he gave me some advises on startup ideas, that I was working on those days. Thanks, Max.

Anyway, the first time I hear about iLike was there. It was one of the closing speeches and iLike was presented by its founders -- Ali and Hardi Portovi. I never knew anything about either guys or company before that event, however, I should say I wasn't active enough in startup scene to know them.

Recently after the event, I heard about iLike once again. It was associated with launch of Facebook's platform, which featured a very few applications, including iLike. And they ended up with too much traffic going back and forth, and they were spending countless hours trying to find somebody who can supply with with many-many servers, to handle all this traffic.

Well and basically that's all I know. I never heard (or didn't pay enough attention) to news associated with iLike, and I think they were not that impressive anyway. So everytime I was seeing iLike somewhere, I was questioning myself -- what is it all about?