Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Data Sufficiency

It looks like I'm opening a new chapter from the Kaplan's book and gain the same (or higher) level of frustration almost right away. It happens with the Data Sufficiency chapter as well.

Four to five pages about nothing. Some points that they put a stress on which lead to nothing meaningful. More like: know the topics and think sufficiently. Damn, that's funny.

Very often I saw the AD-BCE combo for DS questions (in different books). Kaplan's editors decided to go further and changed it to ABD-CE. What a heck? But I need to make it clear -- in sample questions and answers later on they've used the AD-BCE approach also.

Once again I'm confused by the example of guessing in DS problems. While definitely, this is something I'm going to do whenever I'll stuck, the sample question could be solved with two or three math equations with no guessing at all.

I would prefer to see more small, but useful tips & tricks to be remembered as x^2 - y^2 then x != y (sorry for a little bit programmish style), m^3 is even (or odd) when m is even (or odd), square root of m is even, then m is even, and so on.

I could not complete the 50 questions quiz tonight, as I'm a little bit pressed in time -- need to complete the memcache part of the code for one of the projects, as well as prepare a little bit for upcoming session at Founder Insitute on selecting key vendors for your company.

My experience is pretty poor on this topic, however, I believe it's pretty sufficient for the needs of small company. Definitely gotta learn more to run something bigger then 20-30 people's one. Hopefully, today is the day to learn the missing points.

I've completed the 40 questions (10 missed), but with so disgusting score, that I would not do anything anymore in a hurry. Too many careless errors, however, with an a lot of concept errors, too.

On the other note, just upgraded Firefox on my Macbook Pro. Wondering why it provided me with numerous 3.0.x updates, when 3.5.x was available for a while?

So I downloaded it manually and installed over. So far so good, feels faster and nicer, however, interesting how much time will it take to fuck up the whole thing again? ;) (My previous FF 3.0.x was freaking slow, but I didn't want to rebuild the profile.)

I also try to download Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers to my Kindle. Even that it's written in 1975, I've been told that it reads pretty well for 2009. I'm going to give it a try. It's not available in native Kindle format, so I'm hunting the sites for either plain text, PDFs or DOC or whatever they have available. I've got a few downloaded copies with a pretty broken lineage, so I need a better one. However, after half an hour of looking for the good copy, I didn't find any. It looks like all of them are the same one. So I decided to get the audio book of it, to use in the gym.