Monday, August 31, 2009

The story of MySpace

Going over the Stealing MySpace book. I had less time today for reading, however, I hope to gain later tonight. I still don't know what is the good number of pages I should keep reading not to weaken everything else.

 Anyway, speaking about the book. I almost half finished it. And now I know what makes the reading harder for me. Sometimes, it's just like a set of facts, arguments and thoughts about some particular problem or situation around MySpace's life. Sometimes it's so bad, that you're reading it and then asking yourself -- why the heck did I just read about?

  From the other side, the books is great insight into life of MySpace, and is a great demonstration of differences between IT business in LA and SF. Sometimes the difference is so real, so you think you can touch it.

 So far I can recommend this book a lot. While it's not something you will quote later (yeah, I think it's pretty unlikely), the author did a great job on getting deep into details of building, selling and running MySpace.

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