Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Сан Хосе под властью марсиан

Сан Хосе под властью марсиан
Жителям Сан Хосе
что там происходило сегодня два часа назад?

Joseph - Mon Sep 7 21:33:14 2009
Location: Sunnyvale, CA 94086
I saw the red light as well. I first noticed it in the west-north-west portion of the sky at about 50 degrees above the horizon, as viewed from Almaden. It took about 30 minutes to move to 80 degrees due south. It did appear to fade a bit, but could not see any obscuring clouds to account for that. I got a pair of binoculars on it for about a minute before it disapeared from my sight. It was hard to judge the altitude but I did see a couple of planes pass in what my perception to be, below it. They too were going from west to east. - They had, what appeared to me, the normal flashing navigation beacons (red/green).

Spartan3 - Mon Sep 7 22:08:30 2009
My wife, kids and I saw the red light at 9:02PM to the southwest of our home near Santa Teresa/Snell. It seemed to drift southeast with the wind while slowly pulsing brighter and dimmer. The rate of pulsing was irregular. At it's brightest it looked like the red brake light of a car. It was definitely not an airplane, helicopter, satellite or meteor or flare. I got the impression it was a light hanging from a balloon, but I could not see the balloon in my binoculars. It dimmed and winked out at about 9:20PM.

nvrijn - Mon Sep 7 23:13:04 2009
Also saw it at around 9:30 in Almenden - among a lot of other witnesses in the street, all staring up and pointing.

Creepy feeling. Not a star (unless there was an unreported super nova), not a plane (didn't move), almost certainly not a stationary helicopter. After about 15 minutes of looking at what was to all appearances a bright red eye in the sky, I slowly became convinced there was a growing possibility I would be beamed up, and went indoors.

When I came out 30 minutes later the light was gone ... and so were the neighbors!

Make of that what you will.

На фоне вышесказанного...

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