Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DVD players suck

My freaking Philips DVD player gives me hard time for the last week. Well, it's not actually mine, but my son's one.

I've got Philips DVP5982 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000N254LU/prokhorenkous-20 one, pretty basic model which is only one year or a year and half old, but knows how to play DivX files, has a USB port on it and works fine.

More then that, player was good enough for that little money that I paid for it. It can even be 'soft' unlocked, mean, made region-free through the set of commands from remote.
  1. Power Up the unit with NO Disc in the tray.
  2. Open the tray (The tray must stay open during the whole exercise)
  3. Press the SETUP Button on the remote control
  4. Navigate to the PREFERENCES page using the Right Arrow Key
  5. Press the DOWN ARROW one time to select
  6. Press the 1 button on your remote control
  7. Press the 3 button on your remote control
  8. Press the 8 button on your remote control
  9. Press the 9 button on your remote control
  10. Press the 3 button on your remote control
  11. Press the 1 button on your remote control
  12. The current Region Code Setting will display
  13. Use the UP/DOWN Arrow Keys to select the region required or '0' for All Regions
  14. Press the PLAY Button on the remote control
Oops. Did I say it 'works'? I mean it 'worked' fine until now.

Somehow it stopped seeing the disc in it. So whenever I'm putting a disc into the tray, it tries to load it, cracks for several times, and says NO DISC. It can take you dozen of times to load & unload it before it works. Or you can moderately (sometimes not) hit the player while it loads the disc and sometimes it works. However, I do understand that hitting player might be a wrong tactic, but at least gives me a feeling that I'm fixing it. :)

I even took an extra step, opened it up, run the disc, and was trying to figure out what's going wrong. Guess what, I'm not a DVD player fix guy. I can't really get what's wrong there. :)

I saw several comments online about the same problem, people tried cleaning discs and whatever not, but nothing helps. However, I still would like know what actually makes it behave in such way and is there any fix possible?

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