Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hadoop gets closer to real-time processing

And if the recent growth in usage of Twitter, Friendfeed/Facebook, and mobile applications are any indication, there will be increasing pressure to accelerate the analysis and pattern-matching now carried out by Hadoop to deliver more enriching web user experiences. It will take time, as even the Hadoop experts are honing their skills on predictive models, including figuring out how long each process takes, and how many hardware/software resources will be needed. In the meantime, column-oriented stores like HBase and Hypertable provide a practical mechanism to get one step closer to real time using Hadoop.

Oh yeah, real-time is really everybody-is-what-about thing nowadays. :)

I don't think though that you can say that [something] is real-time thingy and [other thing] is not. It's all situational.

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