Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quicken for Mac OL-249

Unfortunately, I'm one of those "not-so-lucky" guys, who're using Quicken for Mac.  Because we need something and it's not here, yet (not really the truth, it's almost here  Whatever, I've started to face pretty permanent error # OL-249 on my screen.  At some point of time I've got bored so much that I start to dig around to find solution for this problem.  I still don't know which one worked (if worked at all), but that's what I did:

  1. Run Quicken.  Choose Online (from top bar), One Step Update... and click Update Now...  In my case it proposed me to download the new R2 or whatever version which I did.  I did, and it didn't help.  At least, it didn't seem to help.
  2. Moving forward, I found this article  As you can see it's pretty fresh, dated only 9/14/09.  So it looks like Quicken recently changed something and screwed up everything else. 
  3. I've used the first option described there, but it still didn't work.   So I tried the manual one, and while everything looked like okay even before applying the new certificate, I reapplied it once again.  

Well, so as for now Online - Download Transactions... does work.  I don't know how much time will it take Intuit to break it again, though.  Happy accounting.

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