Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doing my best to kickass GMAT Data Sufficiency questions

Okay.  I've lost few days due to the TechCrunch50 2009 conference and a set of things to be completed that got paused during the demo days.  Back to the green thin book of GMAT review for quantitative part, and now Data Sufficiency questions.  

The information block before those questions in the books was extremely short.  They just repeated themselves (from the original review book), with the classic AD-BCE schema and the typical algorithm for solving such questions.  They made a stress once again that you're not required to solve the questions as well as when you're asked about "can you say is it more then ...", you don't only need to choose sufficient answer that gives you "more", but the one that can be used to make a good judgement "is it more or less".

Okay, moving forward, they have 118 questions in this section.  I'll do my best to complete them in the shortest period that possible, but it can probably can take me two more days.  I don't want to sacrifice my reading, and I might not be able to spend more time on that over the next several days.

So far, the first block of questions gave me high 80% percentage, which I'm sorta unhappy with.  Only one of them was due to conceptual misunderstanding of what is asked (dumbo I am), but everything else was typos, shortcuts and all other careless things.  You know, the ones that you answer wrong, but when you read the answer you say: "WTF, of course my answer is wrong.  It doesn't have ... or it says ... or whatever".  Hopefully I can overcome this stupid and useless habit.

On the other note, I was happy to see Posterous is adding Feedburner support to the blogs, as well as themes.  I've changed the theme already, but it looks everyone else also did, so I'm thinking to change it back to original one.  I didn't read Posterous blog before and got to know this from my friend's Andrew Warner tweet about this.  What a pleasant surprise was it.

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