Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GMAT challenge

One more set of questions from the thin green book (GMAT quantitative review).

Finally, I came to the feeling that questions are getting somewhat more challenging, although, still no brain cracking ones.  I have scored only 80% on this block though.  Almost equal part of concept errors and careless errors.  The good thing is I'm tending to get less careless errors, the bad thing is that I started to make concept errors. 

I'm trying to devote a pretty quality time on going through the answers on questions that made me a little bit confused (even if answered correctly) and definitely on the questions that I did wrong.  I like official's GMAT book answers given there.  They are pretty much everything that you need to get the insight to solution.

I've got few questions about what kind of grid am I using.  I borrowed the template on one of the forums.  (I don't have any links anymore though.) Actually, I do have several of such templates, but I'm using only one.

Download now or preview on posterous
TestGrid4GMAT.xls (37 KB)

It's good to be used on computer, but I prefer (an old school) pencil and paper.   I also don't make notes on timing actually.  I think I'll start doing that when getting closer to the test time.

Here is one more template GMAT-Practice-Grid.xls (the previous one but adjusted for printing -- that's the one that I'm using most):

Here how it looks like printed:

That OG11 - Qtype grid.xls that I never managed to understand.

Overall, by the date, I've solved about 1,300 questions (not counting questions from one of the books that I used as a scratch pad itself, and didn't use my prepared pages).  I don't know how impressive (or not) is that, but I have plans to practice more.  It looks like I need this badly.

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