Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason vs. Mint acquisition

Jason, the founders at Mint are likely making the right decision.  These are the worst of times for the economy and consumers are get squeezed left and right - from tariffs on tires, to taxes on health benefits to lower wages and unemployment - maybe combining forces with Intuit was the BEST decision.  Maybe Mint can help make Intuit better.  Maybe this acquisition will equate to a ‘periodic revolution, a necessary medicine for the sound health of an ‘old world’ company like Intuit’.

Lets make it dead simple.

Look at the Jason's point

And then revert to Alexander's one

I'm not going to take any side here. My hat's off to Jason for building such great company as 37signals. I truthfully believe this is really something that would leave mark in IT space.

However, Alexander's point is hugely supported by respectable investors, like Jeff Clavier and Dave McClure.

So who do you think is right? Lets vote!!

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