Sunday, September 6, 2009

One more GMAT quantitative set

I've just completed one more Problem Solving set of questions from the thin green book of GMAT review for quantitative questions.

 Well, while I still can't get rid of the feeling that the questions are damn easy, I tend to make a lot of errors and stay in the middle of eighty percentage.

 One of the errors was really because of misunderstanding the solution. I went through the answers and acknowledge that I wasn't understanding the question quite well. However, the rest of errors I had, were mostly careless ones. I was taking shortcuts, didn't do well on reading and interpreting the conditions of the question, didn't do a good job on checking myself with the answer I choose.

 As you probably already mentioned, I tend to do a lot of careless errors. This keeps me quite frustrating, and I'm wondering is there any better approach to avoid them. ;)

 I'm also going to spend some time reading the Blue Blood & Mutiny book today. While it's not that exciting as I supposed it to be, it's a nice one and I feel that it helps my vocabulary and overall strengthen my Reading Comprehension part skills. However, the best answer to this would be received when I'll get to the thin purple book of GMAT review (for verbal part). ;)

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