Friday, September 25, 2009

Safe-rm to fight with your bad habits

Safe-rm is a safety tool intended to prevent the accidental deletion of important files by replacing /bin/rm with a wrapper, which checks the given arguments against a configurable blacklist of files and directories that should never be removed.


While I absolutely agree that the idea is really nice and would safe a lot of asses from big pain, personally, I would never use it.

You know, there are some things in this world that cannot be taught. They need either to be fully understood and burned deeply or learned by your own pain. Sometimes a lot of pain.

Whenever I'm typing rm -r I'm already nervous. Whenever I see rm -f I'm freaking scared. This is just my gut feeling, I can't do much with it and I don't need to. I had a few painful lessons in the beginning and now I'm so thankful for that.

You know what, try rm -rf / yourself. It's not just one lesson. It's a set of lessons about working as root instead of regular user, keeping regular and proper backups, thinking before act and whatever not. You'll not forget that and you wouldn't need safe-rm anymore. :)

The same with molly-guard that prevents accidental reboots. Come on, this one is really fun. Why do you need that at all? If you server reboot is painful, you're already in danger. If your services doesn't boot well, doh, go fix it. If you don't have any load balancing and fault tolerance policy, go implement one. But don't go for the hack to save your ass from not doing anything else.

P.S. Don't get offended, just my 5 cents. :) Have fun.

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