Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buying a scooter

A List of Costs and Benefits

  • Scooter purchase.
  • Possibly looking foolish.
  • Potential for injury.
  • Maintenance costs.


  • Decreased travel time

This guy goes way too far in questioning himself for reason for scooter purchase.

While I also got excited about Razor A5 while shopping yesterday for gift for my son's birthday, however, I don't see myself spending even half of the time the guy spent thinking about it. You simply don't want your life to become a business plan. :)

More than that, his reasons are pretty silly, and benefits are also products of an illusion. The only good reason is that scooter is fun, and he missed it since the beginning. I probably wrong, but I believe I was reading about such a "calculated" behavior and that it can be a sign of the mental illness. But I hope he'll do fine. ;)

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