Friday, September 18, 2009


I've finished the Blue Blood & Mutiny one. That was tough. Too much names, dates, history of the corporate world (which I am so far away from). But it was great for reading skills (remember, I still need to improve my GMAT verbal).

 My next one is Steven Blank's "The Four Steps to the Epiphany" This one was highly recommended to me by one of my Founder Institute's peers, besides that, I really enjoy Steven's Blank blog By the way, did you know that Steve teaches Stanford class now? The "Spirit of Entrepreneurship" for the current quarter. I'm not a Stanford student, otherwise, I'd be very happy to attend it. (If you are -- go for it!)

 One more book I've got in my reading list is Steven Haines' "The Product Manager's Desk Reference" I am spending a lot of time on developing products and environments around them. And while I never took a dedicated title as a "Product Manager", I often shared the similar responsibilities. During the last several years, I have built different products within my company. Literally, took them from nothing to something. Besides, as it was well said "the Product Manager is CEO of his product" and this is so right to me.

 Hopefully, Steven Haines' book is interesting. I had a chance to read Linda Gorshels' "The Product Managers Handbook" about a year ago or so, and never really liked it. It's a solid one, but would not be my choice.

 And one more book I'm going to spend some time for would be Glyn Davies' "A History of Money" I don't know when I'll find time for it, though. ;) By the time I'll finish with the top ones, I probably will have something else on the table.

 Have fun.

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